Mobile Intelligent System – 1 (IS-1)

Мобильный комплекс IS-1
  • connect up to 30 cameras simultaneously
  • connect cameras via Wi-Fi
  • online video surveillance and video analytics in places with limited communication means (network, Internet)
  • power supply from 12V, 24V, 220V
  • monitoring and management through the mobile application
  • cloud recording, processing and storage
  • video surveillance and video analytics
  • everything is configured and connected;
  • quick installation.

Video surveillance and video analtyics
in places with limited internet access

Construction objects, Housing and communal services, Private objects


Monitoring of construction equipment and transport for the goods / products delivery

in places where there is a need for monitoring for a short time

In places of temporary works and in temporary storage facilities

Video analytics for Retail

Monitoring, video analytics , collection and processing of data anywhere and at any time

for statistical and marketing research

Remote monitoring without human intervention

Video surveillance

You can always use cloud video surveillance as a supplementary solution to the main one and use it to eliminate blind spots, install in additional rooms or areas.



Ease of use and full functionality



Monitoring and controlling using a mobile application

Преимущества IS-1
Monitoring and control using a mobile application
Technical Specifications:
Технические характеристики

Water and Dust Protection – IP65
With an IP65 rating, the housing from IEK company makes the device dust and water-resistant. Among the other advantages are:

  • impact-resistant
  • fire-resistant plastic
  • for mobile use, for inside/outside installation
  • mounts for wires

Power supply IS-1

220V – socket and connectors are provided

12V and 24V – for power supply in transport and construction equipment

Protected against overloads and power surges.

Internet and data transmission

Mikrotik provides a stable connection channel and encryption of transmitted data. Mikrotik’s professional operating system Router OS allows you to apply flexible routing settings. Depending on the IS-1 configuration, it is possible to use PoE power for cameras.

4G - built-in modem provides the uninterrupted Internet connection. Depending on the configuration, the SIM card or USB 4g modem switches.

Lan - it is possible to directly connect to the Lan network as a modem, as well as a relay. In the second case, additional settings of the Lan provider are not required.

Технические характеристики



Lan - for connecting cameras. The minimum number of outputs is 3, the maximum number depends on the configuration.

Wi-Fi - a stable internet connection for connecting Wi-Fi cameras. It is an effective solution for camera installation in the areas with power supply for the cameras

Power supply 12V - to provide power supply for the cameras. Combined with Lan cable.



Ease of use and full functionality



Monitoring and management using a mobile application

Equipment set
Standard equipment set

IP dome camera, 2mp, 1 pc

Lan cable with power supply for the camera 10m, 1pc

Power wire 220v 1m, 1pc

Power supply IS-1 220V

Lan connection up to 3 cameras

Wi-Fi camera connection

4G internet connection

Lan Internet connection
Dimensions 300x200x130 mm products and solutions

Video analytics

Video surveillance

Mobile application

Extensions and accessories

Connecting cameras LAN with combined power supply (up to 10 cameras)

Input power IS-1 from 12V

Input power IS-1 from 24V

Mounts & Clamps for wires

Camera, Dome, Outdoor, 2MP

Lan cable with combined power supply for the camera, 10m

Combined Lan cable for the camera, 20m

Enhanced camera protection

Lan adapter

Lan splitter for additional LAN connection

Power wire 10m

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Connect any type of video analytics

Modules allow you to increase system performance for the specific tasks. You can organize the work of the system based on the specific solutions to ensure the automated work, and entrust the security control to

Telegram chat bot
Sends alarm videoclips to Telegram messenger
Price of one module
per one video stream/camera, per month
POS connection add-on
Connection with POS terminal
Price of one module
per POS terminal, per month
Behaviour analytics add-on
Human fall detection, weapon threats, raised arms detection, atypical behaviour detection
35 USD
Price of one module
per one video stream/camera, per month
Products Basic 7S
Live and 7 days archive at 480p 25 FPS
/per camera per month Basic 7H
Live and 7 days archive at 1080p 25 FPS
/per camera per month Basic 30H
Live and 30 days archive at 1080p or 4k 25 FPS
15 USD
/per camera per month

Technologies that get you to new heights of security and performance. AI-powered solutions augment business decision-making creating intelligent insights that help you to surface and solve previously unseen issues.
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About is a cloud-based vSaaS vendor for video surveillance and security systems, based in Sheffield, UK. We are an international team of developers and experienced professionals in the field of computer vision, who design and develop cloud solutions, transforming and taking to a new level the concept of traditional video surveillance.
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Comprehensive video analysis system

Our unique set of multi-functional detectors lets you open up lots of new ways you can work faster and more productive. Configure the detections for the specific tasks and let automatically perform useful actions on all of your important events. Take advantages of features based on Deep Learning object analysis to increase the detection rate and reduce false alarms.

Motion detection
Motion detection

Captures any movement in the scene

Tampering detection
Tampering detection

Is triggered when an attempt is made to turn the camera;

Image quality loss detection
Image quality loss detection

Is triggered when the image quality deteriorates due to blurring or soiling or blinding of the lens or darkening of the image, etc.;

Abandoned objects detection
Abandoned objects detection

Is triggered when some object — a briefcase, box, bag, etc. appears in the scene and remains motionless for some time;

Virtual line crossing detection
Virtual line crossing detection

Is triggered when a moving object crosses the virtual line in the user-specified direction;

Loitering detection
Loitering detection

Is triggered when an object remains in a user-specified area for some time;

Motion in  zone detection
Motion in  zone detection

Records movement in a user-specified area;

Zone entry detection
Zone entry detection

Is triggered when any object appears within a user-specified area;

Stopping in the zone detection
Stopping in the zone detection

Is triggered when any object stops and remains motionless for some time within a user-specified area;

Zone exit detection
Zone exit detection

Is triggered when the object leaves the user-specified area or when the object located in the area disappears from the camera FoV.

Face recognition
Face recognition

identifies and verifies the identity of an individual using their face

Behaviour analysis
Behaviour analysis

AI-based technology that recognizes the patterns of suspicious or deviant behaviour (Human Fall Detection, Weapon Threats, Raised Hands, Atypical Behavior)

Smoke & fire detection
Smoke & fire detection

intelligent fire and smoke video detection, especially useful in areas (e.g. in open spaces) where other types of sensors are ineffective

License plate recognition
License plate recognition

detects and recognizes vehicle registration plate

Retail analytics
Retail analytics

(people counting, queue management, age & gender estimation, heat map) provides powerful information about sales, customers and other important insights for better decision-making