Price list
SKUItemDescriptionMonthly fee Basic 
VCAI-BA-WD1-014 Basic 7S Live and 7 days archive at 480p 25 FPS (per camera) 3 US$ 
VCAI-BA-WHD-015 Basic 7HLive and 7 days archive at 1080p 25 FPS (per camera) 5 US$ Basic 30HLive and 30 days archive at 1080p or 4k 25 FPS (per camera) 15 US$ Pro 
VCAI-PF-SEC-001 Pro Security Cloud video monitoring, archive of 7 days, smart search, motion based analytics, alarm push-notifications (per camera) 9 US$ 
VCAI-PF-EFN-002 Pro Retail Cloud video monitoring, archive of 7 days, smart search, motion based analytics, alarm push-notifications, People counting, Heat maps, Queue detection, Demographics, Smart Search, Web reports (per camera) 15 US$ Pro Modules
VCAI-AO-POS-003 POS integration Connection with POS terminal (per POS terminal) 5 US$ 
VCAI-AO-BHA-004 Behaviour analytics Human fall detection, gun man detection, raised arms detection, deviant behaviour detection (per camera) 35 US$ 
VCAI-AO-FCA-005 Facial recognition Real time facial recognition, VIP client detection, black list (per camera) 70 US$ 
VCAI-AO-LPR-006 License Plate Recognition Realtime vehicle license plate recognition (per camera) 100 US$ 
VCAI-AO-TLG-007 Telegram chat bot Sends alarm videoclips to Telegram messenger (per camera) 5 US$ 
Cloud storage 
VCAI-CS-01T-007 Cloud storage 100 GB 100 GB video archive cloud storage 5 US$ 
VCAI-CS-05T-008 Cloud storage 500 GB 500 GB video archive cloud storage 25 US$ 
VCAI-CS-1TB-009 Cloud storage 1 TB 1 TB video archive cloud storage 50 US$ 
VCAI-AO-2TB-010 Cloud storage 2 TB 2 TB video archive cloud storage 100 US$ 
VCAI-AO-5TB-011 Cloud storage 5 TB 5 TB video archive cloud storage 250 US$ 
VCAI-AO-10T-012 Cloud storage 10 TB 10 TB video archive cloud storage 500 US$