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Cloud-based video analytics as a service (VAaaS) has become one of the most recent trends in the physical security business, thanks to enhanced technology that provides more bandwidth and high-quality cameras that collect vast amounts of data.

The future of video surveillance and what drives the development of video analytics was discussed at the Video Analytics IPVM Show on 18th January 2022. presented its standalone AI-based video analytics platform, that can work on-prem servers as well as in the cloud.

Key takeaways:

- is one of a few providers of video analytics as a service (VAaaS) with the wide range of unique video analytics features

-      Video Analytics is running both in the cloud and on the edge. The main focus is on the optimisation of the engine to make the solution affordable for customers of all sizes and budgets.

-      Videos from cameras are streaming continuously to the cloud. Analysis of the videos is carried out within the cloud infrastructure through the video analytics platform.

- supports multi-streaming. Depending on the viewing requirements of each customer, it will automatically deliver the full definition stream or the low-resolution stream. Users can override the automatic selection and choose between high- and low-quality streams as needed.

- offers its solutions for all verticals, from monitoring stations to retail and to more tailor-made solutions designed for the needs of each customer.

- The Event Automation Tool is a powerful tool that allows to set up thousands of scenarios on how and when the user is notified in the case of the event, including the ability to combine different types of analytics.