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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure the system is and who has access to the video footage?

Here is how we keep you safe. You are protected from unauthorized access. The video data is stored off-site. All video is fully encrypted during transmission and at rest. There are no open ports to the Internet, reducing security threats commonly existed in other systems and requiring no router and firewall adjustments. Configuration does not require static IP which comes with additional advantages of less maintenance and fees as well as a lower security risk. You and only you have the access to your video footage from your user’s account.

How to deal with possible loss of connection?

Synchronization with edge/on-premise storage provides you with double protection in case of possible loss of connection.

Compatibility with other devices
What devices are already integrated with

We offer open API and a set of well-understood protocols for seamless communication between different systems. supports around 10,000 models of IP devices, including more than 3,500 models of network devices integrated using the proprietary protocol, and 6900 ONVIF-compatible devices. Also compatible with access control, fire alarm and perimeter security systems and IoT.

Is it compatible with the existing system architecture? can supplement the existing VMS with additional cloud functionality and cover all additional security needs that cannot be met by the installed VMS. Choosing our services, you significantly reduce the costs related to changing the entire VMS to a more advanced one.

Remote Accessibility
How to always control what is happening at the site and remotely access the video footage when it is required?

We don’t just make a set of technologies; we focus on your experience of using them. It’s why we provide you with the mobile tools that deliver the required data to you when you are not at the site. With you can remotely access your cameras through our web-client and applications for mobile devices (iOS/Android). Do you want to exchange messages about received push-notifications of alarms from your cameras with your team/ and make decisions more effectively together? Delegate this job to Telegram Chatbot powered with Deep Learning object analysis technologies.

What solution can be implemented for centralized monitoring of multiple sites? connects cameras from all locations in one centralized Pro-grade security management system which is available on Windows/MacOS/Linux/Web/iOS/Android.

How to get started with Is there any external device needed to connect to the cloud?

You can get from idea to implementation of in a matter of minutes. No need to spend extra money on the on-premise devices that are expensive and not cyber secure. Try for free

AI-feature set
What kind of AI-analytics is available?

The power of AI-analytics (behaviour analytics, facial recognition, license plate recognition, smoke/fire detection, retail analytics etc.) gives you the freedom to experiment and test new ideas to personalize customer experiences, improve their engagement and transform your business. Our product development team is constantly working on fueling video surveillance with the latest AI technologies to turn individual customers’ requirements into technical opportunities. Learn more about analytics

How is video data analyzed and visualized?

The benefits of are being extended beyond the security department to provide benefits to other departments in your company (marketing, sales, etc.). The core value of video analysis is to turn data into business actions. presents a data visualizer in the form of interactive reports and feature-rich dashboards that provide business leaders with the confidence and rationale for better decision making.

Unlimited scalability
What is the min/max number of cameras that can be connected to

Businesses need to grow continuously and the changes are inevitable. We encourage agility and are prepared to scale your system up and down adding/removing cameras and changing storage capacity instantly and unlimitedly. Select from industry-based ready packages or design the video surveillance system tailored to your specific needs.

Affordable Price
What are the prices for solutions?

Contact to get more details on pricing in your region. Go to Contacts

What are the privileges for partners?

End-user’s experience of using our solutions is as precious for us as our partners’ experience of doing business with us. Our Partner Program offers competitive solutions, flexible pricing and a comprehensive support package (marketing & educational). With our Partner Space, it’s easier than ever to work with end-users and predict monthly earnings.

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