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Face recognition

Facial Recognition is a cloud-based image and video analysis plug-in service for human identification and verification in real-time. Take advantage of white/blacklist capabilities. It is an innovative and exceptionally simple way to be automatically alerted of an unwanted person entering the building or to provide a high-quality service to your VIP customer who appeared in the FoV of a camera. The technology creates a database of all faces captured by video cameras and lets you apply Face Search through millions of records in seconds. Ideal for hundreds of applications and industries. Распознавание лиц

Areas of application

Shopping centre
Chain retail
Restaurant / bar

Housing and communal services
Road facilities
Gas station
Car wash
Car service

Hospital / clinic
Beauty salon / SPA
Fitness club

Educational institution
Apartment house
A private house
Homeowner association
Construction site
Office building

How Face Recognition works

Real-time recognition Face Recognition finds faces in the video image.
Compares them to a database - for example, law violator or company staff.
At a given degree of similarity (high or low), the pre-configured actions are performed: the door is opened or blocked, security service is notified, etc. Face recognition technology can be used to control staff attendance and maintain discipline at the workplace.

Archive Search

Upload images with faces that you wish to find in the video archive. The system will quickly find all similar faces that appeared in the field of view of cameras. You can then view the video of any face you find. 

Collecting statistics Face Recognition technology can count faces (unique and total) in the field of view of cameras, define the age and gender of people and creates smart reports.

Worktime and Attendance Management Worktime and Attendance Management system is a professional HRM system that sources the data from Face Recognition video analytics and consolidates information into the following reports:

  • General report
  • Personal quantity report
  • Work schedule violations report
  • Hours-worked report
  • Latecomers report 
  • Total report on the presence at the workplace 

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