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Vehicle License Plate Recognition LPR vehicle license plate recognition system provides real-time data about vehicles captured by IP cameras. This data is automatically compared with user lists for efficient vehicle license plate recognition. It can recognize the type of vehicle (car, motorcycle, van, bus), make, model, color, and direction. You can create a blacklist to regulate access to your property, set up scenarios for automatic gate opening, manage parking lot traffic, and improve your customer experience by configuring whitelist notifications for all recognized VIP customer license plates. LPR system can be used in various fields including parking management, customs control, safe city initiatives, traffic police operations, toll roads, vehicle access control, and residential security.

Technical specification

Supported OS: Windows, Ubuntu Linux

Supported CPU: Intel, vCPU

Supported GPU: NVIDIA

Camera protocol: RTSP, RTMP

Minimal FPS: 15

Minimal plate width: 100px

Plates is one frame: unlimited

Plate angle: up to 25º

Supported video codecs: h.264, h.265

Supported Countries Vehicle License Plate Recognition system supports the following countries and regions: 

US - USA, MX, Canada; 

AU - AUSTRALIA, New Zealand; 

MENA - Arabic LPR (GCC REGION + Egypt); 

EU - EU countries + CIS + GB + Israel

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Marketing presentation

Marketing presentation

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Download Video Analytics

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