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Massive Update in Cluebase VMS is Now Available

We are thrilled to announce a significant update to Cluebase VMS, bringing a host of new features designed to enhance your experience and improve functionality. Our team has been hard at work to deliver these exciting updates:

AI Tags

Our system can now tag all visible objects in human and vehicle detection events. These tags are assigned to events, enabling users to search for specific events using these tags, streamlining the search process.

Safety Vest and Hard Hat AI Detectors

The system now includes AI detectors for safety vests and hard hats, enhancing workplace safety monitoring capabilities.

Face Recognition Lite

Introducing Face Recognition Lite, providing efficient and reliable facial recognition capabilities.

Embedded Detection of Motorbike Riders Without Helmets

Our system can now detect motorbike riders who are not wearing helmets, promoting road safety.

Embedded Smoke & Fire Detector

We have integrated an embedded smoke and fire detector to enhance safety and emergency response times.

New Desktop and Mobile Apps for Professional Users

We have developed new desktop and mobile applications specifically for professional users, ensuring accessibility and ease of use across all devices.

Multi-Tenancy Support

Our platform now supports multi-tenancy, allowing multiple tenants to use the system simultaneously with complete data separation and security.

Cloud Mode

Optimized for private cloud systems, our new cloud mode reduces bandwidth consumption, improving efficiency and performance.

PTZ Zoom Control and Layout Search

We’ve added PTZ zoom control and layout search functionality, giving users greater control and customization over their surveillance setups.

Native Video Streaming Protocol (WS)

This new protocol ensures low latency, stable live streams, and low CPU usage, guaranteeing a smoother and more reliable streaming experience.

These updates are now live and ready to enhance your Cluebase VMS experience. Stay tuned for more exciting features as we continue to innovate and improve our services.

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