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The sudden transition of companies to the work-from-home model has led to an even more massive surge in demand for cloud-based services as the solution to many challenges. However, the benefits, such as operational cost savings, remote maintenance, and live intelligence, are accompanied by some challenges of cloud adoption.

During VSaaS IPVM Online Show, took part in the debates about the advantages and barriers to cloud video surveillance adoption. Main trends, VSaaS types (Hosted vs Managed vs Hybrid), recurring revenue model and many more hot topics that drive the video surveillance industry were discussed. presented its solutions: video surveillance as a service, on-premise and hybrid video management software, and AI-assisted video analytics, such as motion, line-cross, object detection, face and LPR. The company provided its action plan to mitigate the challenges of poor internet connection/bandwidth, latency, and cybersecurity issues. While waiting for fully shifting to a faster, stronger, and more reliable 5G internet connection, offers its customers from in connectivity-poor areas to roll out professional-grade video surveillance systems on 4G/3G.