Partnership welcomes Security System Integrators, Consultants and Project Managers to join the Channel Partnership Program. Our Team provides full support, including training and enablement system, go-to-market support, sales & operation support, and technical support.

The benefits of becoming a Channel Partner of

Enablement benefits  Marketing Benefits  Sales benefitsGuarantees and protection
Access to Partner Materials
A transparent way of starting your vSaaS business. Smart reports and practical dashboard with metrics will help to grow new and existing business relationships
Marketing materials          
We continuously extend our portfolio of marketing materials: presentations, brochures, competitor analysis, videos, website content, case studies. Marketing materials are available for all vertical industries and can be tailored to the specific needs
Pre-qualified leads          
We bear the costs associated with the creation of pre-qualified leads
Project registration         
Projects are registered with Channel Partner ID and cannot be changed
Technical trainings & demo access    
Learn how to connect cameras to
Use resources for testing and demonstration
Webinars & SMM
Become a part of the international security professional community built around, Technology and Channel Partners.
Best of breed solutions  
Brand reputation and our clients’ references will help to gain customer’s trust  
Contractual flexibility and price protection
We guarantee a pricing predictability
Access to the billing system      
Full access to subscriptions, orders, customers and payments.
Events & programs           
We help you to connect and start to build better solutions that provide more value for customers
Professional & knowledgeable support during pre- and post-sales process
Our knowledgeable multidisciplinary team will be involved in all phases of the project: from needs assessment and system design to installation and afterwards maintenance    
Technical support      
Our technical support Team is available upon request
Sales trainings
Short, informative, and entertaining videos, are designed to not only teach an important sales techniques tailored for our solutions but to motivate specific actions.   
Branding usage  
Get access to logos, design templates and branding services
System Design in just a few clicks  
You can calculate and design solutions using our configurator in a matter of seconds
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