About us is a developer of cloud-based
Video Surveillance as a Service
and Video Management Software

Since 2019


Team today is an international team of experienced professionals
who develop advanced video surveillance solutions, revolutionize the user experience and transform the concept of traditional video surveillance.


Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Financial Director


Director Europe


Regional Director USA


Business Development Manager Europe


Business Development Manager UK


Business Development Manager


Business Development Manager Latin America


Business Development Manager APAC

Our Story

When you dream big,
you can create big things!

The story of Team begins from the personal stories of each member. So the collective experience of our Team is sourced by work for companies like Sony, Nokia, Deloitte, Ericsson, Sberbank, Axxonsoft, etc.

The experience that our Team shares in the security and video surveillance industry is built from success stories - the projects that we designed, developed and deployed. So they are IKEA, London Underground, Istanbul Metro, UAE Government, Italy Government, Turkey Government, Marks and Spencers Stores, Four Seasons Hotels and hundreds of other projects.

The time is pushing technology to new limits, so we’d been dreaming about a new era of video surveillance and security.

We dreamt of truly open and compatible technologies that can easily be integrated with other video surveillance devices and platforms. We dreamt of the video surveillance software that everybody can use, whether you are new to the technology or advanced.

We dreamt of creating incredibly capable software while still being easy to install and manage from any place in the world. We dreamt of using the potential of AI while creating the most secure cloud-based architecture.

We’ve worked hard and developed lego-style software for you to intuitively build your video surveillance with no instructions needed. is not just a next step for video surveillance — it’s another level entirely.

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