Access to real-time video anytime, anywhere

24/7 Cloud video monitoring

Alarm push-notifications

Behaviour analytics

POS terminal

People counting

Queue management

Smoke & Fire detection

Face recognition

License Plate Recognition

Reports & Visual Analytics

AI Archive Search

A picture that is worth a thousand minutes of recorded data is a game-changer in the way the data can be analyzed and visualized. Understand what stories your data is actually telling

AI-analytics for Petrol Stations
Hire to get more done
Control thousands of transactions

Connect POS system to your Pro and sync video from your cameras with transaction data.

Search by titles

With AI Archive Search, you can search by titles in the cloud recordings and retrieve the POS-transaction videos of your interest in a matter of seconds. Identifying thefts now is easier than ever.

Work smarter, not harder

Queue management and people counting technologies let you estimate the traffic in the checkout areas and manage POS employees more effectively. With, it’s easy to monitor attendance and control discipline at the workplace. Learn more.

Face and LPR recognition

With the power of Face/LPR recognition and its blacklist capabilities, you will always be alerted about unwanted visitors

Control atypical human behaviour

AI-based customer behaviour analytics recognizes and notifies you about suspicious or deviant human gestures, poses, actions in your store. You can also activate automatic rules and scenarios (e.g. automatically lock the doors) to save people lives and to prevent damages.

Increase fire safety

Early detection of fire hotspots with the use of Intelligent fire and smoke video detection technology allows you to save people’s lives and significantly reduce the destruction caused by fire. Integrate fire/intruder alarm system with video surveillance.

Investigate incidents

With its various search criteria and filters, AI-based Archive Search is a powerful way to retrieve the video of interest from the archive in a matter of seconds. Identifying crimes (thefts, vandalism, etc.) now is easier than ever.

More personalized level of customer service

With retail analytics (people counting, queue management, age & gender estimation, heat map), you can build your unique marketing strategy, leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Exceed customer expectations

With the power of Face/LPR recognition, you will always be alerted about your VIP visitors to provide an excellent customer experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Provide situation awareness

Pubic website live broadcasting let your customers track the petrol station occupancy in real-time and choose the time when it’s not crowded.

Under round-the-clock control

With 24/7 Cloud video monitoring and automatically activated rules, you can now focus on what matters most, your customers.

For multi-location business connects cameras from multiple locations in one centralised pro-grade security management system. You can remotely monitor and manage your multi-location business from one device (mobile/PC/tablet) anytime, anywhere.

Connect any number of cameras

You can scale your system up and down adding/removing cameras instantly and unlimitedly.

Create cloud backup allows you to store and manage your sensitive video footage in the cloud within serverless interface. Cloud backup and recovery is the second use of that build robustness to negative events such as system failure, Internet outage or natural disaster.

Keep your video data safe uses end-to-end encryption and other unique cloud privacy-preserving technologies to provide you with the highest level of data security. You and only you have access to your confidential video footage.

Get smart reports anytime

Enjoy interactive visual analytics in real-time or in a report/dashboards format

Manage notifications

Receive notifications the way you like (SMS, email, Telegram ChatBot, and more). With automatic incident management tool, you can create your own scenarios that will save lives.